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Olé! The Malaga fair is here, says Alan Wentworth-Harley

Alan Wentworth-Harley's focus on the Malaga Feria (C) A B-D
Feria fun in Malaga
The annual Malaga Fair officially starts tomorrow (Saturday) and millions are expected to attend from around the Costa del Sol and the rest of Spain.
Tonight (Friday) there will be the traditional fireworks display in La Malagueta and concert in the Paseo del Parque featuring 'Efecto Mariposa'.
As usual the fair will be split between the daytime activities in the city centre, primarily along Calle Larios, all the way up to the Plaza de la Merced, and the evening fairground festivities which traditionally attracts the younger crowds take place at the Recinto Ferial (municipad fairground).

Alan Wentworth-Harley takes a look at the Malaga fair

This year Malaga City Hall is trying to reintruce a more traditional feel to the daytime festivities, crackingdown on drinking alcohol on the scity streets and general antisocial behaviour.
"in line with austerity measures, the city hall is also cutting back on spending," said Alan Wentworth-Harley, the boss at leading luxury propery company One Marbella. "The are hoping to save more than €440,000 on stagin, entertainment among others."
The feria will continue daily until Sunday August 19.
"The start of the feria coincides with the expected heatwave from Africa which is expected to send the mercury soaring above 40 degrees celcius in parts of the region," reminded Alan Wentworth-Harley. "So it is recommended that people drink plenty of water - especially if consuming alcohol - and stay in the shade when possible."
Alan Wentworth-Harley - Malaga Port
Bumper week ahead for Malaga Port. A Wentworth-Harley
This businesses in the Muelle One area of the port hope to get a piece of the action in this swanky marina which opened at Christmas. But it isn't just fairgoers arriving by land  this year.
"Some 24,000 cruise ship passengers along with 7,500 crew will arrive in Malaga in 8 ships during the feria," said Alan Wentworth-Harley.
"Malaga City is often forgotten by foreign residents and tourists," said Alan Wentworth-Harley. "But with its incredibly rich history, excellent museums and top class restaurants it is yet another reason why so many people a looking to buy a property in nearby cities such as Marbella."
"Marbella itself has enough to offer what anyone could possibly want at their disposal," said Alan Wentworth-Harley. "But there is an index of possibilities just a short drive from Marbella, and the fantastic Malaga feria is definitely one of them!"

Alan Wentworth-Harley - One Marbella

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