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Britannia's Bold Investments Flourish: Over £66 Million Poured into Local Region during Q1 2023

Andalucía Strikes Gold Again: British Investments Hit the Bullseye, Making It the Hottest Spot for Business!

Hold onto your sombreros, folks, because Andalucía is proving to be the belle of the investment ball in Spain! The delightful news was revealed by none other than the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, who hosted a glamorous presentation in sunny Malaga. And who could resist attending such a glittering affair, graced by the presence of the esteemed city mayor, Francisco de la Torre?

The festivities kicked off with a warm welcome from Francisco Salas, the mastermind behind ProMálaga, and Ralph Smith MBE, the suave president of the BCC in Spain. Soon, the stage was set for captivating speeches by the likes of Derek A. Langley, the regional vice-president of the chamber and president of Andalucía Technology Recruitment, and the brilliant Sarinka Parry-Jones, head of economics and public policy at the British Embassy in Madrid. But that's not all! Elena Gallega (Invest in Andalucía) and the fabulous María Romero from Afi also had their moments to shine.

According to the illustrious 8th Barometer on Climate and Outlook for British Investment in Spain, meticulously crafted by the analysts at Afi, Andalucía has been holding its head high as one of the top four preferred destinations for British companies for five consecutive quarters! Bravo! The cherry on top? In the first quarter of 2023 alone, a whopping 66 million euros of British investments flooded into the region, marking a sensational 23% growth compared to the same period last year. Clearly, the British business community is smitten with Andalucía, having showered it with a staggering 170 million euros throughout the entirety of 2022.

Now, let's talk sectors, darlings! While the 2022 investments focused on the energy sector and technical architecture and engineering services, this year, British companies are shaking things up by investing in accommodation services. Talk about diversification! It seems the UK's love affair with Andalucía is no longer confined to delicious food, financial services, and construction. Oh no, it's time to spread those investment wings!

Oh, and let's not forget the juicy job numbers, shall we? Thanks to British investment, a whopping 15,000 jobs have been lovingly maintained in the region, with 10,000 of them being direct. That's right, folks—0.5% of all the jobs in Andalucía owe their existence to those charming UK companies.

But wait, the plot thickens! During this exciting first quarter, the crown for British investment went to Catalonia, stealing the limelight with a jaw-dropping sum of over 147 million euros. Not to be outdone, Valencia sashayed in with a cool 110 million euros, while Madrid flaunted its stylish self with a respectable 94 million euros. It seems the competition for British attention is fierce, but Andalucía remains an undeniable star!

So, raise your glasses and toast to the allure of Andalucía, where British investments have ignited a sizzling flame of prosperity. Long may this love affair between the UK and the sun-kissed region continue to flourish!


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