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Andalucia to receive over 1.6 billion euros from central government for 2015.

With roads, airports and housing set for a billion-euro makeover. Up 23% on the previous year’s investment, Minister for infrastructure, transport and housing, Julio Gomez-Pomar, has identified Andalucia as an integral cog in the country’s economic recovery. “Andalucian construction companies are to stay tuned,” he said. “They must contribute to economic growth in Spain, it is integral to the nationwide recovery. “Andalucia is one of the places where most investment has been undertaken in quantitative terms and in relative terms of growth, we have made a strong investment.” A total of €456 million will be used for road works, €730 million on rail and €239 million on airports. Meanwhile €111 million will be allocated to housing in the region.

Business booming for low cost airlines.

Budget airlines see a big increase on the number of passengers heading to Spain for 2015. Many are British holidaymakers cashing in on the strong pound in their pockets to grab some cut-price sun. In the first quarter of 2015, low cost airlines transported over 8.6 million passengers to Spanish airports. April saw 2.85 million Brits descending on Spain via low cost airlines, this represents a massive 33% year-on-year increase. And with the pound standing strong, UK visitors are especially keen to reap the benefits. They account for the largest proportion of the budget airline bonanza. Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling make up 71% of all budget airline voyages to Spain. British airline Easyjet recently announced that it would be slashing the price of 7,000 tickets to Spain to under €40 over the summer.

Fuengirola’s beaches been awarded

    For the first time, Fuengirola’s beaches have been awarded Q for Quality flags by the ICTE Spanish Touristic Quality Institute.   The flags were raised on Friday 8, in a special ceremony on San Francisco beach, attended by the Mayor Ana Mula Athas.   Well-known swimmer David Mecca and local swimmers Pablo Mira, Maria de Valdes and Salvador Cano will be diving from a yacht 200 metres out to sea and swimming to shore with the flags, which have been awarded for the 7.5 kilometres of beaches between the Castle and Carvajal.   Colour was provided at the event by 200 local school children wearing special t-shirts and carrying banners, who were brought to the beach on the tourist train.   The mayor explained that this was the first time the town had applied for the prestigious flags and expressed her pride that the strict tests had been passed.   “I’d like to stress the hard work put in on a daily basis by municipal wor

Lord Alan Sugar sells his luxury 12 million Euro Marbella villa

Lord Alan Sugar cashing in on the upturn of the Marbella property market. He has just sold his villa in Marbella for 11 million euros which was put on the market earlier this year for 12 million. The Apprentice star – who has an estimated wealth of more than £1 billion, according to the Sunday Times rich list – is set to double his money. He has owned the property for the past 15 years and once the sale completes he is expected to make a profit of around 5 million euros. It is understood that he is looking to downsize to a penthouse possibly in Spain or the U S. The three-story villa includes a 200m2 underground car park, pool and gymnasium. There is also access to the beach and one of Marbella’s top tennis clubs. Lord Sugar sits 101st in the Sunday Times list of wealthiest Brits, announced last month. If you are looking for a luxury property on the Costa del Sol then click here to go to the One Marbella website which has thousands of proper

New ITV series on life in Marbella

New 12 episode series on Marbella Living ITV has announced that “Life on Marbs”, a brand new reality series will be aired this summer on ITVBe. The show will follow the glamorous lives of some of Marbella’s most fabulous residents. Characters will include Club’ owners to designer-clad housewives, from millionaire bachelors to entrepreneurs; ITV says Life on Marbs will reveal what life is really like living in Marbella – Europe’s most luxurious resort. It is being produced by Lime Picture’s who have had previous shows in and around Marbella which have been extremely successful including “The only way is marbs” part of the TOWIE series. Head of Non-Scripted, Derek McLean said: “Having just skimmed the surface of the luxury life that exists in Marbs for previous shows, Lime are delighted finally to be able to dive right into the incredible world of wealth and aspiration that exists in this millionaires playground. Marbella is an unmissable destinat