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"Every Five for Festive Lights: Metro Trains on a Rapid Roll to Malaga's Yuletide Glow"

Starting this Friday, when Malaga's festive lights burst into life, the pulse of the city's metro services will quicken. From 5.30pm to 11pm, the heart of the city will pulse with trains arriving every five and a half minutes. The anticipation is building. November 24, circled in crimson in countless calendars, heralds the beginning of Christmas in Malaga. At 7pm, the city's authorities will unveil the seasonal splendour along the premier shopping avenue, Calle Larios, signalling the start of holiday festivities. An impressive array of over 2.2 million LED lights will adorn 500 thoroughfares, plazas, and landmarks, turning the city into a luminescent wonderland. This spectacle is set to draw throngs to the city's core. In response, Metro de Málaga is ramping up its train schedule, promising a train every 5 minutes and 20 seconds from November 24th, as announced on their X social media platform. This enhanced train schedule kicks off on the lighting ceremony day, offerin

"Malaga Port's Disputed Hotel Tower Approved by City Council"

The Torre del Puerto hotel and conference centre, financed by Qatari investment and backed by the Hesperia hotel chain, has been approved by Malaga city officials. The decision was reached in a recent urban planning council meeting with six votes in favour and four against. This luxury hotel, standing at 116 meters, is set to be constructed on the Levante dock esplanade. The project, which has faced a five-year delay, received the green light from the city's urban planning committee. Support and opposition for the project were divided. The Partido Popular members voted in favour, while the Socialists and one member from Podemos opposed it. Vox chose to abstain from voting. The development has faced criticism from the 'Let's Defend Our Horizon' group and UMA art history professor Francisco Rodríguez Marín, who argue that the tower will disrupt Malaga's skyline and obstruct views of the historic La Farola de Malaga lighthouse. Socialist spokesperson Mariano Ruiz Araúj