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Sun-Kissed Savings: Costa del Sol Hotels Embrace Discounts as Summer Reservations Lose Their Momentum

Sun-Soaked Coast Yearns for Vacationers: Costa del Sol Hotels Unleash Deals to Awaken Summer Bookings Slumber Oh, the Costa del Sol, where sun-seekers usually flock like seagulls to a beachside feast! Alas, this year has brought a temporary blip in the coastal merriment, as bookings hit a mid-May slump and have yet to regain their former vigor, despite the looming arrival of July. Fear not, for the tourism boom is still anticipated along these golden shores. Nevertheless, the sluggish pace of reservations has ignited the creativity of savvy business owners, who have concocted enticing deals to lure back the wandering tribe of holidaymakers. Once upon a time, last-minute bookings were devoured voraciously like a tantalizing tapas spread. Alas, their succulence began to wane in mid-May and has failed to recover, leaving us just days away from July's arrival. The hoteliers point fingers at the academic year's final hurdles and the consequential uncertainty surrounding grades, not

"Spain's Real Estate Fiesta: A Look at the 2023 Mid-Year Property Sales Extravaganza"

Navigating towards the halfway mark of 2023, the Spanish property market keeps registering a substantial rise in transactions involving overseas purchasers. The persistence of the pandemic has not deterred Spain from being a top selection for people looking for an additional residence or a retirement haven, as evidenced by the increasing sales figures. Data from the Spanish Land Registry indicate a surge in the proportion of residential property acquisitions by foreign purchasers, which stood at 16% in 2023's initial quarter. The figure marks an escalation from 14.5% during the corresponding period in the preceding year. This spike in foreign interest may be credited to a combination of Spain's pleasant weather, tranquil way of life, and property prices that are more affordable compared to other European nations. A significant factor fuelling the heightened attraction from overseas purchasers has been Spain's "Golden Visa" initiative. This scheme extends residency

"Discover the Enchanting Residences of 'Valle Romano Oasis' - A Captivating Real Estate Haven Awaits!"

"Escape to the Enchanting 'Valle Romano Oasis' - Where Dreams Meet Nature and Coastal Delights!" Welcome to the delightful municipality of Estepona, nestled in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey as you discover a remarkable resort development known as Habitat Valle Romano. This hidden gem is immersed in an unparalleled natural environment, where the harmonious blend of sea, mountain, golf, and the vibrant services of Estepona become your new neighbours. With prices ranging from €180,500 to €493,500, these extraordinary apartments cater to all needs and desires. Offering a range of 1 to 4 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms, along with spacious built sizes ranging from 46.00 m² to 98.00 m², these homes are designed to perfection. Located just a stone's throw away from Marbella and a mere 45 minutes from Malaga airport, Habitat Valle Romano enjoys excellent connectivity through the Mediterranean highway. Immerse yourself in the vibran