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"Every Five for Festive Lights: Metro Trains on a Rapid Roll to Malaga's Yuletide Glow"

Starting this Friday, when Malaga's festive lights burst into life, the pulse of the city's metro services will quicken. From 5.30pm to 11pm, the heart of the city will pulse with trains arriving every five and a half minutes. The anticipation is building. November 24, circled in crimson in countless calendars, heralds the beginning of Christmas in Malaga. At 7pm, the city's authorities will unveil the seasonal splendour along the premier shopping avenue, Calle Larios, signalling the start of holiday festivities. An impressive array of over 2.2 million LED lights will adorn 500 thoroughfares, plazas, and landmarks, turning the city into a luminescent wonderland. This spectacle is set to draw throngs to the city's core. In response, Metro de Málaga is ramping up its train schedule, promising a train every 5 minutes and 20 seconds from November 24th, as announced on their X social media platform. This enhanced train schedule kicks off on the lighting ceremony day, offerin

"Malaga Port's Disputed Hotel Tower Approved by City Council"

The Torre del Puerto hotel and conference centre, financed by Qatari investment and backed by the Hesperia hotel chain, has been approved by Malaga city officials. The decision was reached in a recent urban planning council meeting with six votes in favour and four against. This luxury hotel, standing at 116 meters, is set to be constructed on the Levante dock esplanade. The project, which has faced a five-year delay, received the green light from the city's urban planning committee. Support and opposition for the project were divided. The Partido Popular members voted in favour, while the Socialists and one member from Podemos opposed it. Vox chose to abstain from voting. The development has faced criticism from the 'Let's Defend Our Horizon' group and UMA art history professor Francisco Rodríguez Marín, who argue that the tower will disrupt Malaga's skyline and obstruct views of the historic La Farola de Malaga lighthouse. Socialist spokesperson Mariano Ruiz Araúj

"Terminal Turbulence: Runways in Rebellion"

Summer in Malaga airport sizzled not just with the blazing sun, but with the fiery spirit of striking staff, stirring a cocktail of chaos in the terminals! The security guardians, armed with signs instead of scanners, have launched a seasonal strike saga, turning the airport into their stage of protest. The plot? Well, endless queues snaking through the terminal, a live drama that unfolds especially during the grand performances of peak times - a spectacle captured and premiered on Facebook this very morning! Adding more turbulence to the terminal tale, the handling heroes - the backstage crew that make your skyward journeys possible - rallied in a choreographed protest on the 23rd of October. Their stage spanned across various airports, with Malaga stealing the spotlight. The act? A passionate performance against the tender's tricky script, composed by Aena for the orchestration of ground handling symphonies. But wait, the drama doesn’t end there! The warriors of Iberia in Malaga

Estepona Sun Kisses Presenter’s Cheek with Warm, Spotlight Embrace!

With the sun casting its radiant, daily spotlight overhead, Estepona rolls out its golden sands as a welcome mat, beckoning “A Place in the Sun” celeb, Jasmine Harman, and her delightful troop - husband and kiddos included - into its warm embrace for a delightful act titled: New Beginnings. Jasmine, no stranger to the tantalizing dance between dwellings and dreamers with her two-decade waltz on Channel 4, has been the fairy god-presenter, sprinkling home-finding magic dust from Portugal to Malta to Cyprus. Yet, after years of orchestrating homey happily-ever-afters, she’s chosen to pen her own, right in the heart of sun-soaked Estepona. “It was a canvas of years in the painting,” Jasmine confided in Hello! Magazine with a smile akin to one indulging in a delightful secret. “With each year gently nudging us towards craving more moments stitched together with family laughter and wrapped in quality time. And thus, with a dash of courage and a sprinkle of adventure, our decision bloomed, o

"Spain and England's World Cup Waltz: The Pinnacle Plays of the Pitch!"

 "La Roja and the Lionesses set for a Down Under Duel in Sydney! Prepare for a football fiesta as Spain's La Roja squares off against England's Lionesses at the iconic Stadium Australia this sunny Sunday, 20 August. The stakes? Just the little matter of the Women's World Cup title. For both teams, it's uncharted territory. They've danced around the finals before, but never quite made it to the last tango. Spain's road to the finals was nothing short of a nail-biter. With a thrilling 2-1 victory over Sweden, where the scoreboard remained dormant until the last 10 minutes, La Roja proved they love a little late-game drama. As for the Lionesses, they showed their mettle by taming the co-hosts, Australia, with a captivating 3-1 win. Now, with the world watching, both squads are on the prowl, each looking to pounce and claim their first-ever Women's World Cup crown. May the best team win (and the fans get to enjoy some fantastic football)!"

Marbella's Shoreline Set for a 'Sand-sational' Upgrade!

With a 'can-do' spirit that would make a sand castle builder proud, the Marbella town hall is steering a beach revitalisation project right off the pages of a fairy tale. Like a magnificent sand migration, the process kicked off at Las Chapas-Alicate and will sweep through Casablanca, La Fontanilla, and San Pedro Alcántara.  Mayor Ángeles Muñoz let slip that a mountainous 120,000 cubic metres of sand would be borrowed from the town hall’s own treasure chest to finance this sandy renaissance. "The central government seems content playing in the shallow end, leaving us to dive deep for a definitive coastline stabilisation solution," Mayor Muñoz said, clearly not one to bury her head in the sand. In a stroke of midnight genius, the work is taking place under the cloak of darkness - from midnight until 8am - sparing sun-seekers and local business the sight of bulldozers invading their tranquil beaches. Mayor Muñoz confessed that the project couldn't have hit the groun

PP emerges victorious in Spain's general election, but uncertainty looms over the formation of a new government.

Political Landscape in Spain's General Election: Catalan and Basque Influence Key to Government Formation Spain's recent general election, held on Sunday, 23 July, has resulted in a complex political scenario, leaving the formation of the next Spanish government uncertain and heavily dependent on the support of Catalan and Basque independence parties. The Partido Popular (PP), a conservative party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, emerged as the winner, securing 136 out of 350 seats in Spain's Congreso. However, this victory wasn't enough to grant them an absolute majority, paving the way for negotiations with other parties. On the other side, the Socialist PSOE, led by the incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, obtained 122 seats, losing its position as the most-voted party but remaining a significant player in the political arena. With neither of the major parties reaching an absolute majority, the path to forming a new government lies in forming alliances with smaller gr

Britannia's Bold Investments Flourish: Over £66 Million Poured into Local Region during Q1 2023

Andalucía Strikes Gold Again: British Investments Hit the Bullseye, Making It the Hottest Spot for Business! Hold onto your sombreros, folks, because Andalucía is proving to be the belle of the investment ball in Spain! The delightful news was revealed by none other than the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, who hosted a glamorous presentation in sunny Malaga. And who could resist attending such a glittering affair, graced by the presence of the esteemed city mayor, Francisco de la Torre? The festivities kicked off with a warm welcome from Francisco Salas, the mastermind behind ProMálaga, and Ralph Smith MBE, the suave president of the BCC in Spain. Soon, the stage was set for captivating speeches by the likes of Derek A. Langley, the regional vice-president of the chamber and president of Andalucía Technology Recruitment, and the brilliant Sarinka Parry-Jones, head of economics and public policy at the British Embassy in Madrid. But that's not all! Elena Gallega (Invest in And

Sun-Kissed Savings: Costa del Sol Hotels Embrace Discounts as Summer Reservations Lose Their Momentum

Sun-Soaked Coast Yearns for Vacationers: Costa del Sol Hotels Unleash Deals to Awaken Summer Bookings Slumber Oh, the Costa del Sol, where sun-seekers usually flock like seagulls to a beachside feast! Alas, this year has brought a temporary blip in the coastal merriment, as bookings hit a mid-May slump and have yet to regain their former vigor, despite the looming arrival of July. Fear not, for the tourism boom is still anticipated along these golden shores. Nevertheless, the sluggish pace of reservations has ignited the creativity of savvy business owners, who have concocted enticing deals to lure back the wandering tribe of holidaymakers. Once upon a time, last-minute bookings were devoured voraciously like a tantalizing tapas spread. Alas, their succulence began to wane in mid-May and has failed to recover, leaving us just days away from July's arrival. The hoteliers point fingers at the academic year's final hurdles and the consequential uncertainty surrounding grades, not

"Spain's Real Estate Fiesta: A Look at the 2023 Mid-Year Property Sales Extravaganza"

Navigating towards the halfway mark of 2023, the Spanish property market keeps registering a substantial rise in transactions involving overseas purchasers. The persistence of the pandemic has not deterred Spain from being a top selection for people looking for an additional residence or a retirement haven, as evidenced by the increasing sales figures. Data from the Spanish Land Registry indicate a surge in the proportion of residential property acquisitions by foreign purchasers, which stood at 16% in 2023's initial quarter. The figure marks an escalation from 14.5% during the corresponding period in the preceding year. This spike in foreign interest may be credited to a combination of Spain's pleasant weather, tranquil way of life, and property prices that are more affordable compared to other European nations. A significant factor fuelling the heightened attraction from overseas purchasers has been Spain's "Golden Visa" initiative. This scheme extends residency

"Discover the Enchanting Residences of 'Valle Romano Oasis' - A Captivating Real Estate Haven Awaits!"

"Escape to the Enchanting 'Valle Romano Oasis' - Where Dreams Meet Nature and Coastal Delights!" Welcome to the delightful municipality of Estepona, nestled in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey as you discover a remarkable resort development known as Habitat Valle Romano. This hidden gem is immersed in an unparalleled natural environment, where the harmonious blend of sea, mountain, golf, and the vibrant services of Estepona become your new neighbours. With prices ranging from €180,500 to €493,500, these extraordinary apartments cater to all needs and desires. Offering a range of 1 to 4 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms, along with spacious built sizes ranging from 46.00 m² to 98.00 m², these homes are designed to perfection. Located just a stone's throw away from Marbella and a mere 45 minutes from Malaga airport, Habitat Valle Romano enjoys excellent connectivity through the Mediterranean highway. Immerse yourself in the vibran

Fuengirola Invites Bids to "Market" Its Innovative Indoor Construction

Fuengirola's "Market Marvel": A Whimsical Quest for the Perfect Indoor Haven Prepare to be awestruck as Fuengirola sets the stage for a grand spectacle of architectural marvels! The town hall has unleashed a captivating challenge by inviting bids for the construction of the avant-garde Mercacentro covered market. With a staggering budget of 13 million euros and an estimated completion time of 18 months, this remarkable project promises to redefine the realm of indoor markets. Nestled in the heart of the old market area on Avenida Alcalde Clemente Díaz Ruiz, this visionary masterpiece has been meticulously designed by the brilliant minds of Verdasco Arquitectos + González + Getinsa. Their ingenious plan encompasses the use of a cross laminated timber system (CLT), a green construction material that flaunts its eco-friendly prowess. Brace yourself for a structure that transcends boundaries! Complying with European directives on sustainability, ecological quality, and energy

Costa's Housing Market Hits a Bumpy Road as Sales Plummet for the Third Consecutive Month

Hold on to your teacups and prepare for a tale of financial shenanigans! The real estate market in Malaga province has taken a wild turn, leaving potential buyers and sellers in a state of bewilderment. It seems that the Euribor, that sneaky interest rate that determines mortgage costs, has decided to do some fancy footwork, causing prices to skyrocket and sales contracts to dwindle like a soggy biscuit. If we peek behind the curtain of statistics, we discover that the first quarter of 2023 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Sales have taken a nosedive, plummeting faster than a bumbling bird with no wings. For three consecutive months, the numbers have been in freefall, accompanied by a chorus of mortgage applications whispering their sad goodbyes. The experts are pointing fingers at the mischievous Euribor and the sly rise in house prices for this topsy-turvy market. January, February, and March witnessed a gloomy decline in property transfers and mortgage loans. It's

Dizzying Soar: Spain's Richest and Poorest Districts Witness a Whopping 35,000 Euro Wage Gap

In the fascinating world of Spanish geography and wealth distribution, we discover that Madrid, the bustling capital, proudly boasts the title of hosting the six swankiest neighbourhoods in the entire country. These highfalutin enclaves are teeming with opulence and prosperity, where money flows like a never-ending stream of fine Rioja wine. Fancy a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous? Look no further than El Viso, the crème de la crème of Madrid, where residents bask in an average income of a jaw-dropping 40,815 euros. It's a place where champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true. However, on the flip side of the economic coin lies Andalucía, a region of raw beauty and cultural splendour. It seems that fate has played a peculiar hand, for Andalucía is home to three out of the four most destitute neighbourhood's in Spain. In these humble abodes, financial struggles abound, and the sound of coins clinking together is a rare melody indeed. Leading the pack of penury i

"Empowering Marbella: Unleashing a Wave of Women's Safety in the Face of Predatory Threats at the Festival"

"Marbella Festival Unleashes a Radiant Wave of Women's Safety: Fun, Awareness, and No-Nonsense!" Get ready for a week of exhilaration and empowerment at the upcoming San Bernabé Fair and Festivities in Marbella from June 6 to June 12. This year, the festival isn't just about rides, music, and delicious food; it's also taking a stand for women's safety like never before. The Marbella Council has teamed up with renowned experts to tackle the pressing issue of sexual predators and the dangers faced by women. On Wednesday, June 7, the brilliant Dr. Carmen Agüera will take the stage to unveil the sneaky tricks of drink spiking and chemical submission – favourite tactics of those vile predators. This talk is aimed at our local heroes, the esteemed members of the Local Police and Civil Protection, to equip them with knowledge about the substances used, symptoms to watch out for, and how to respond swiftly and efficiently. But that's not all! Dr. Patricia Alemán,

Andalusian Attractions Trigger a Stateside Stampede: US Bookings Soar by 52.5% this Summer!

High-Flying Harmony: United Airlines Direct Flight Turns Andalusian Dreams into Reality! Prepare for a transatlantic treat as the skies unite Malaga and New York with a brand-new direct flight, whisking eager travellers between these captivating destinations in just six hours. Thanks to the twice-weekly flights operated by United Airlines, a surge of American tourists is flocking to Andalucian havens this peak holiday season, igniting an exhilarating travel boom. In a recent report by Turespaña, the government's esteemed tourism board, it's revealed that bookings from the USA to Andalucía have skyrocketed by a staggering 52.5%, making it the second hottest spot in Spain after Catalonia, where travel bookings have soared by 54.5%. The Turespaña report proudly highlights a remarkable 21.9% overall increase in bookings from the USA to Spain compared to last year, largely attributed to an impressive line-up of 23 flight routes connecting the two countries in 2023. With two years of

"Cinematic Sol: Costa del Sol Shines as a Hollywood Blockbuster Location!"

Lights, Camera, Costa del Sol: Unleashing Blockbuster Magic! Get ready for a cinematic extravaganza as the enchanting Costa del Sol embraces its new role as a bustling Hollywood film set. The stage is set for a captivating journey through Malaga, where not only the vibrant shop windows and lively atmosphere await, but also the thrilling chance of stumbling upon a film shoot. Brace yourself, for up to three captivating series, both homegrown and international, have seized the city centre to capture the essence of their latest seasons. Leading the charge is Netflix, making a triumphant return with the filming of the second season of the uproarious Spanish comedy, "Machos Alfa." But that's not all! The streaming giant also unveils its colossal new production, "Kaos," which once again descends upon Malaga to add even more mesmerizing scenes to its already captivating repertoire. In a stunning twist, the third series to grace these sun-kissed shores is none other tha

Renowned Ángela Fuengirola Hotel Emerges Anew Following an Impressive 8.2 Million Investment

 Ángela Fuengirola Hotel Unveils its Glamorous Rebirth After a Whopping 8.2 Million Euro Glow-Up Prepare for a feast of fabulousness, as the Ángela hotel in the enchanting Fuengirola reopens its doors, sparkling brighter than ever before! After five months of tireless renovation and expansion work, this beloved holiday haven has emerged as a true gem, ready to dazzle vacationers from around the world—especially our cheeky British friends! With an investment of 8.2 million euros, courtesy of the ML Hoteles group, the Ángela has undergone a total transformation, leaving no stone unturned. But that's not all, my dear adventurers! The excitement continues as 36 spanking new junior suites are being crafted in a neighboring building, adding a touch of luxe to this already iconic beachfront gem on the Costa del Sol. José Carlos Escribano, the visionary CEO of ML Hotels, spilled the beans on the hotel's grand makeover. He revealed that the Ángela, previously boasting 261 standard rooms

Are you dreaming of owning your very own property in Spain?

Are you dreaming of owning your very own property in Spain? Whether it's a holiday home or a permanent residence, buying a property in this beautiful country can be a life-changing experience. As you have reached a point in your life where you may be looking to make some significant investments, and a property in Spain could be just the perfect choice for you. In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of buying a property in Spain and give you some tips on how to make your dream a reality. Firstly, it's essential to understand the process of purchasing a property in Spain. One of the most important steps is finding a reputable real estate agent who can guide you through the buying process. A good agent will help you identify the best locations, properties that match your needs, and will assist you in negotiating the best possible price. Before you start your property search, it's important to determine your budget. This will help you identify the areas and pr

Although the average income in Andalucía is increasing, salaries are not providing sufficient financial coverage.

According to a survey, despite an increase in per capita income, inflation has caused more people to struggle to pay their energy and grocery bills. The 2022 Living Conditions Survey revealed a mix of good and bad news for Andalucía's economy. On the positive side, the improvement of employment and salaries led to an increase in per capita income, pushing it up by almost 8% to 10,703 euros per person per year, which is a new all-time maximum. The increase was greater than the national average of 6%, and it puts the region above the 10,000-euro threshold for the first time. Additionally, the poverty rate in Andalucía has reduced, with 29.1% of the population below the poverty line in 2021, compared to 32.3% in 2020. The proportion of people at risk of poverty was also lower, which is a relative indicator of inequality. However, despite these improvements, inflation has caused more people to struggle to make ends meet. The survey revealed an increase in energy and food poverty, with