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"Terminal Turbulence: Runways in Rebellion"

Summer in Malaga airport sizzled not just with the blazing sun, but with the fiery spirit of striking staff, stirring a cocktail of chaos in the terminals! The security guardians, armed with signs instead of scanners, have launched a seasonal strike saga, turning the airport into their stage of protest. The plot? Well, endless queues snaking through the terminal, a live drama that unfolds especially during the grand performances of peak times - a spectacle captured and premiered on Facebook this very morning!

Adding more turbulence to the terminal tale, the handling heroes - the backstage crew that make your skyward journeys possible - rallied in a choreographed protest on the 23rd of October. Their stage spanned across various airports, with Malaga stealing the spotlight. The act? A passionate performance against the tender's tricky script, composed by Aena for the orchestration of ground handling symphonies.

But wait, the drama doesn’t end there! The warriors of Iberia in Malaga have dusted off their armours, ready to march into battle for the preservation of their working castle. Should their banners of demands flutter unnoticed, the drums of strike will echo through the airport’s halls, a rhythm accompanied by the ensemble of baggage handlers and check-in chariots.

Fernando Gordillo, the esteemed conductor of the CCOO union orchestra, has crafted a symphony of demonstrations, promising an overture of events that will resonate across 43 majestic airport arenas throughout the Spanish kingdom. Our traveling troubadours should brace themselves for a journey jamboree filled with the adventurous acts of delays and cancellations. Fear not, for the remedy lies in the ancient scrolls of flight updates and the magical act of arriving at the airport's gates with time treasures in hand.

The epic battle of the tender has unfurled its banners, with Iberia challenging the orchestration and requesting a grand review. Aena, in a chorus of reassurance, has sung the melody of obligation to the winning companies, urging them to honour the sacred scripts of agreements and respect the heroic tales of employee working conditions.

So, dear travellers, let your spirits soar high above the tempestuous tides of terminal turbulence, and may your journey tales be legendary! 


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