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"Terminal Turbulence: Runways in Rebellion"

Summer in Malaga airport sizzled not just with the blazing sun, but with the fiery spirit of striking staff, stirring a cocktail of chaos in the terminals! The security guardians, armed with signs instead of scanners, have launched a seasonal strike saga, turning the airport into their stage of protest. The plot? Well, endless queues snaking through the terminal, a live drama that unfolds especially during the grand performances of peak times - a spectacle captured and premiered on Facebook this very morning! Adding more turbulence to the terminal tale, the handling heroes - the backstage crew that make your skyward journeys possible - rallied in a choreographed protest on the 23rd of October. Their stage spanned across various airports, with Malaga stealing the spotlight. The act? A passionate performance against the tender's tricky script, composed by Aena for the orchestration of ground handling symphonies. But wait, the drama doesn’t end there! The warriors of Iberia in Malaga

Estepona Sun Kisses Presenter’s Cheek with Warm, Spotlight Embrace!

With the sun casting its radiant, daily spotlight overhead, Estepona rolls out its golden sands as a welcome mat, beckoning “A Place in the Sun” celeb, Jasmine Harman, and her delightful troop - husband and kiddos included - into its warm embrace for a delightful act titled: New Beginnings. Jasmine, no stranger to the tantalizing dance between dwellings and dreamers with her two-decade waltz on Channel 4, has been the fairy god-presenter, sprinkling home-finding magic dust from Portugal to Malta to Cyprus. Yet, after years of orchestrating homey happily-ever-afters, she’s chosen to pen her own, right in the heart of sun-soaked Estepona. “It was a canvas of years in the painting,” Jasmine confided in Hello! Magazine with a smile akin to one indulging in a delightful secret. “With each year gently nudging us towards craving more moments stitched together with family laughter and wrapped in quality time. And thus, with a dash of courage and a sprinkle of adventure, our decision bloomed, o