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British buyers are still number one according to latest Spanish sales reports.

Yes the Brits are still the number one foreign buyer of property in Spain. Latest  figures out show that the amount of sales continues to rise year on year,  Also Spain is enjoying a fantastic tourism season breaking numbers on the same time last year. The first two quarters of 2016 residential property figures are now out and, similar to tourism figures, residential property sales continue to increase. Residential property sales are up around 23- 24 per cent on the same period last year and new home sales are also stronger than 2015. With foreign buyers representing approximately 15 per cent of all residential property sales in Spain but in popular locations such as the Costa’s the foreign buyers tend to dominate the local residential property sales market. There is also good news for house prices as in the first two quarters residential property prices continued to rise, good news for investors looking for capital appreciation. Residential property sales figures at the e