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What’s happening in the marketplace if you’re thinking of renting, buying or selling a property in Spain during the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances which have happened since the coronavirus outbreak in Spain, what has the effect been on the property market while the state of Alarm exists and its population are forced into confinement in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. The health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been paralysing house buying and selling on a global scale. However, this period of home confinement has positives and can be a good time to look for a new home and start preparing the buying process, all of which can done remotely. It’s a good time to get advice from One Marbella who have a team ready to take your calls relating to anything connected to advertising your property for sale, renting a property long term, mortgage information without having to leave your sofa. Renting property If you currently rent a property in Spain or own a property and rent it out, this period of confinement can also provoke difficulties and